Each student's education is tailored to his or her needs at Roxer Academy. Every student is unique with specific strengths and weaknesses.  While working on turning weaknesses into strengths our teachers keep developing the student's strengths.

Our approach in teaching each student is unique through applying the following principles:

  • Our staff is highly qualified, motivated, experienced and registered with the South African Council of Educators.
  • Each teacher is responsible for a maximum of ten learners. This enables us to give individual attention to each student and make sure that the concept is understood and applied correctly from the start.
  • No student can fall through the cracks like so many do in a class of 20 or more.
  • Peer pressure is eliminated since each student sets the pace. Few learners do exactly the same work at any given time.
  • Students are equipped to find ways and means to deal with their challenges from day to day.
  • The very experienced staff teaches students suffering from ADD and ADHD strategies to help them focus on their tasks and organisational skills.
  • Special attention is given daily to developing long-, and short-term memory, logical thinking, verbalisation, visual and auditory memory.