Providing a safe educational environment


Your child is an individual and his or her educational needs are just as unique.

Roxer Academy recognises this and offers its students the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our Mission

“It is our mission to assist, empower and enable all students regardless of their barriers to learning, to achieve their full potential, and to do so while developing the whole student in a safe, nurturing and caring environment.”

Pillars of Success

Success in education is built on three pillars


HAPPINESS: Happy students love learning.


CONFIDENCE: Confidence is the precursor to success. Students who believe in themselves will have the confidence to try again.


WORK ETHIC: Through hard work one can achieve the impossible.

Our Unique Approach

  • Fully integrated mainstream curriculum

    Although our approach is so radically different from the mainstream, the full mainstream curriculum is used at Roxer Academy. The...

  • Individualised Attention

    With teacher to student ratios no higher than 1:10, each student is guaranteed individual attention at Roxer Academy. No student is...

  • Student Tailored Approach

    Each student's education is tailored to his or her needs at Roxer Academy. Every student is unique with specific strengths...

  • Technology-assisted learning

    Technology is a valuable tool in education. Roxer Academy uses this tool to its fullest with all students having access to tablets...